End of the Season

Anyone that follows my facebook page will know that this past weekend I was at my last convention of the year: Baltimore Comic Con. After all the driving around to Chicago and Indianapolis this year, it was nice to have the last one be in my home state. 🙂 I had myself on a crazy ambitious con schedule this year and the site has suffered as a result. Not something I’m terribly proud of.

So! What this means is I have the time now to do long over due updates to my gallery pages, as well as try and keep up a regular schedule this fall of doing write ups of what’s on my agenda and what things to look forward to. ^_^ I’ve already taken care of adding everything new I’ve created to my gallery as of this posting, but over the next week I’ll be working on some pretty neat custom pieces that I’ve been commissioned to make. Spooky (from spooky’s house of jump scares), Dalek Caan (from Doctor Who), Blaz Blue (from Ranga the Blood Edge), and an adorable troll plush used my Natyli. ^_^ I can’t wait to start working on them and you should see the pictures of them on my facebook page as they finish.

After the commissions, I’ll finally be able to design some new items while I work on replenishing my convention stock. First up for sure are the Forest Sprites from Princess Mononoke. I’ve been waiting to make those little guys for ages. 😀

Long Awaited Updates

As those of you who follow my facebook page will have notice, I finally had some time yesterday to upload and update some images yesterday! Well, I used that extra time to also update my main gallery as well. 😀


All of my new items can now be found in their respective gallery. This had grown to quite a list with updates to Comic Books (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Starlord, Groot, Gamora, Green Arrow), Doctor Who (a lone Dalek), Video Games (Metroid Plushes, Boo Hat Commission), Fantasy (Lord of the Rings) and a few missing images finally being uploaded as well as fixing pages that I hadn’t realized were broken. I still have to upload some of these to my store and add their respective links to the gallery. I…don’t even wanna think about the time it’s gonna take to upload my back log to DA. >.<

Where has all this time come from when I’ve been so busy the last few months? Well, as some of you may know, I was at C2E2 this past week and after my drive back on Monday from Chicago, I had planned on needing most of this week to make the various commissions I received. All I really needed was a day and a half though, so I’ve been taking advantage of the extra time to try and update as many things as I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to find time over the weekend to take care of etsy….deviantart will happen when it happens, lol.

In con news, C2E2 was a blast! 😀 I had a great time meeting everyone that came by, and I have also dubbed it the ‘Yoshi Egg’ con in my mind. Why? I took orders for and made more on the spot non-green eggs then I have at any other con ever. Don’t know why that was the case, but it made me chuckle. I’m taking advantage of having so many different colors been made to add the pics to my store listing for the egg so people can have a better idea of the colors when they order.

Next convention is crazy soon for me. I’ve been with Awesome Con DC since their first year, but I worry about making up all the stock I just sold at C2E2 in time. Not to mention adding on another page worth of new dolls as I’m planning on trying to debut my Star Trek Collection there. I can’t wait to work on the borg. It’s my favorite design of the bunch. 😀


I’ve got some exciting things planned for the future and my facebook page is quickly becoming the best way to keep tabs on what I’m working on next, so stay tuned for more adorable and custom plush coming out in the near by future. 😉

Magfest 2015


Anyone who has liked my facebook page will know I’ve not quite fallen off the edge of the world, but I have been quite busy making stock, designing new items, and taking care of some personal issues these past few months. Plus, ya know, the Holidays.

It’s been a bit crazy for me, lol. Not excusing my lack of weekly updates, just saying I’ll try harder to manage my time for them.

My first convention of the year is coming up fast this weekend and I hope to have several new things ready to debut there. Including a new set of dolls from Lord of the Rings, wearable Metroid plushes, and even having a Sackboy on hand for the first convention ever! 😀

I’ll be in the dealer’s room with the Craft Hacker’s group if you’d like to come by the table and say hi. ^_^

Sooo, how about those weekly updates….

Yeah I feel hard and fast off of updating weekly when life got busy for me. Sorry for that. I’ve been trying to keep my facebook running strong when I wasn’t as it’s easier for me to update on the go so definitely follow me there if you want the most up to date info. ^_^

So let’s see, what have I been up to these past 2 months? Well, quite a few custom commissions got tossed into my convention work queue that I had to shift my time table around for. Most notably this lovely plush:

Kazooie Front














Kazooie! From the collect-a-thon fun and funny game Banjo-Kazooie. I had a lot of fun making this sassy bird. ^_^ The other major commission I had was for a pokemon item that I had never heard of before. Not hard considering I’ve not played the past few games, but this guy is actually from the tv series if my sources are correct. It’s an All Terrain Venomoth.















I offered to make the wheels turn, but I’m glad I didn’t have to do it in the end as I’m not sure they would’ve supported the body well enough. Very cute little guy to make though.

With all the last minute running around going on in my personal life, I didn’t have much time to add to my catalog before Awesome Con Indy as I wanted but I did manage to add 3 new items at least. Samus Aran, the 12th Doctor and -my personal favorite- a Zelda Rupee Pouch with plastic Rupees!! They are all up in my gallery so be sure to check them out. ^_^

To make up for lost posts, I’ll have another one going up at the end of the week with my con To-Do list for Magfest. Typically these only go up on my DA page but I see no reason not to share it on my main site as well. This is the info hub of sorts after all.

New Stuff!

New stuff! Yay, new stuff! 😀

I’ve not had a lot of time with a con each month recently to post like I want to and rather than draw it out into a post of each, I want to show case the newest dolls to join my collection as of late first, with sneak peak info about what is to come over the next 2 months getting announced on Sunday. *nods*

SO first up, we have the other commission that I mentioned from my last post. The lovely Princess Zelda.

LttP Zelda Doll

As you can see, instead of being based off the Twilight Princess/recent designs from the series, this Zelda harkens back to the first Zelda game I personally played: A Link to the Past. While not quite as nostalgia loved as Terra was for me, I really enjoyed working on a new Zelda doll with this commission. Especially since she had very simple hair, lol. XD

While my time table didn’t allow me to add the new series that I wanted before GenCon, I was very happy to get these three fellows finished so my ‘coming soon’ gaps were at least filled in. ;P

Indy Jones DollJack Sparrow DollR2D2 Doll

From left to right, we have Doctor Jones, our second Captain Jack and the beloved Android R2D2. While R2D2 was one that had been missing from my Star Wars collection for months now, the other two fine fellows are personal selection dolls. I love hearing requests for new series to add to my collection when I go to cons, but it’s nice to be able to work on ones that I’ve wanted to do…almost since the beginning really. Poor Jack constantly got put off as I worried that (much like Idris) no one would be interested in him anymore. Thankfully that has not been the case as he was a hit at his debut con last month. ^_^

And yes, I know Indy’s whip isn’t black but, come on, the poor guy has so much brown on him that I had throw some other color in there. 😛

That’s everything new right now, but keep a look out this weekend here and on my facebook page as I’ll be announcing my next series, as well as posting previews pics of all of my work-in-progress stuff.

GenCon Wrap Up

I’m happy to say that my little Honda Civic and I have made it back to good old Maryland in one piece last night. ^_^

GenCon was a whole new experience for me and I loved my week stay in Indianapolis. Thank you so much to everyone who came by the Craft Hackers booth! It was great meeting everyone and talking shop about what/how I work.

I’ve got a handful of commissions from the con to finish this week first, but once I do I have something very exciting that I’m working on that’s new, so cross your fingers on it working out the way I hope! 😀

FF6 Love

As I mentioned last post, I was working on new commissions this week and while the one of them needs some scuply and will be another day or two, I’ve very excited to share the this finished product. 😀


















Kefka has made a reappearance, and this time he’s got Terra under his thrall! D: Oh no!

The self proclaimed god of magic was of course lots of detail and layers once more, but Terra was really just a joy to work on. FF6 is one of my all time favorite games, let alone my favorite from the series, and I’ve always wanted to make her. I’ve got a full write up of the process to make her over on my deviantart gallery, but you can also find just a picture of Terra in my gallery here, including detail shots of the bead work in her hair and embroidery work on her body.

Ugh, working on new dolls is the BEST. Keep an eye out for the other new commission in just a few days…or just like my facebook page to get the update automatically. ^_~




Well I’m finally back home in Maryland after a very long drive today, and before I catch up on some much needed sleep, I just want to thank everyone that came by my table at ConBravo! this weekend. It was great talking to everyone and I am definitely taking Fan Expo into consideration for next year after so many people suggested it.

This was my first Canadian con, and while customs going up was a bit of a process, it was definitely worth it as I had a great time. 😀

I’ll be hunkering down on some new dolls that I got as commissions this week, as well as making stock for GenCon coming up just next month. I’m really excited about the dolls though as one of them is a character I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

High Ambitions…

It’s always my down fall as I get closer and closer to my convention deadline. I make this really huge list of all the awesome things I want to make and…..panic like crazy once I hit a week or 2 out as I still have so much to do. Ugh.

This time around, I finished all the dolls I had to get done well in advance for the first time ever, so that’s a pretty nice feeling of accomplishment. I just wish it didn’t come at the expense of some other items. I am almost impossibly behind on pokeballs -all the pieces aren’t even made up yet *panics*- and the next plush on my list to work on are the companion cubes. THE most time consuming plush I make at 6-8 hours per cube last time I timed it.

Just have to hope for the best and work through the weekend most likely. Once I finish those items, I’ll try and fit in a Totoro and Calcifer for Con Bravo next week. Both are time intensive items though so, we shall see…


Craftigurumi Launch

Welcome to my new site!


I’m very excited to welcome everyone to my brand new site! It’s been an uphill battle getting ready, but I hope you’ll give it a look through, and learn more about what it is that I make and how I go about it. ^_^ Please excuse some of the fine tuning I still have left to do as life has been busy lately.

I’ll be updating this main page 1-2 a week letting everyone know what I’m working on, or where I’ll be next if you’d like to come see me in person. My twitter feed will be used to post daily commentary on what I’m doing that day, and also to answer and quick comments or questions people may have.

And maybe to tease some of my fellow crafters (*cough*Quiltoni*cough*) occasionally. ^_~

Please feel free to use the comments section on each post if you have questions, or just want to talk about anything I may mention that day.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to bringing a bit more entertainment and craftiness to your day!